Earth Nectar Energywork

Earth Nectar Energywork is intended to support your healing process and help you access the resources within the subtle realms of Earth and Spirit.

This is done by first perceiving your Chakra System and Energy Body for an overall assessment, and to see what is in flow for you, what wants to move, to release, or to transform.


Then we engage your energetic systems, working with the structures and functions to empower your connection to the energies of Earth and Spirit that can assist you in the healing you are calling for.

The perspective of Earth Nectar Energywork is 'healing as a return to wholeness, and  health as full coherence with all that we are'

Healing as a Return to Wholeness and Health as Full Coherence with All that WE aRE

: Connecting to the parts of our selves from which we have become disconnected, or that we have not yet consciously connected with. This includes parts of our physical body, emotions that have become surpressed or run out of control, aspects of our energy body, and our own Soul and Spirit. This perspective includes Nature as part of Self, and emphasizes  connection with our natural world as imperative in the healing process

The Chakra System 

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Energies of Earth and Spirit

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