Experience the intimate lives of animals through the tracks they leave behind. 

  • Online Learning

    Go at your own pace and learn in your own place... get to know the animals in *your* area and build relationships!

  • 8 Weekly Zoom Gatherings

    In the Live Online Gatherings we will review the course content, answer questions, and share inspiring tracking stories.

  • Mentoring Path

    For those who want to go deeper, we are offering a longer term, supported 'Mentoring Path'. See details below.

If you want to know the wild ones, learn about and connect with them first through their tracks. As you deepen your understanding and awareness, they will hear you listening to them. And the conversation begins...


Sarah Fontaine

Sarah is a Energywork Practitioner, Wildlife Tracker, and Interspecies Communicator. For over 25 years, Sarah has been practicing various healing modalities including Chakra-work, Craniosacral Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridians and Five Elements theory, Emotional Clearing, and Interpersonal Neurobiology. She has studied wildlife tracking through Shikari Tracker Mentoring with Jon Young and Josh Lane, Tom Brown Jr’s Tracker School, and Cybertracker Conservation. She is a graduate of the Kamana Naturalist Training Program, and studied Interspecies Communication with Anna Breytenbach and Wynter Worsthorne. She currently offers Earth-based energywork sessions, and lives near the Pacific Ocean in the sandhill mountains North of Santa Cruz, CA with her partner Jon.

Here's what we'll cover...

  • Finding Animal Tracks and Track Identification

  • Vision Exercises that help you See More Tracks, and See More Within the Tracks

  • Sensory Practices to Expand your Awareness, Develop your Intuition, and Wake Up the Felt Sense of Connection in your Body

  • Ecological Relationships, Tracking the Landscape, and Building Relationship with your Tracking Area

  • The Art of Questioning, the Magic of Curiosity, and Storytelling as a Cultural Imperative

The Mentoring Path...

The Mentoring Path is a supported journey for those who want to go deeper with Tracking, and to go together with others. Click below to learn more :

'Before you can hear the voices of Earth Mother and her animals, you first must listen to the voice of the tracks.' 

- Grandfather Stalking Wolf    (from 'The Science and Art of Tracking' by Tom Brown Jr.)

Connect with the Wild Ones...


  • Can I really learn tracking from an online course?

    Definitely. And the benefit is that you get to learn tracking and build relationships in *your* place.

  • What if I can't make it to the Live Online Gatherings?

    No worries, the recordings of Live Online Gatherings will be made available on the course site for you to watch.

  • When does enrollment for the Mentoring Path end?

    Enrollment for the Mentoring Path will be open until May 31st, 2023.