Earth Nectar Energywork

Healing Empowered by Nature and Spirit

Earth Nectar Energywork engages the vibrational energies of the Earth and Nature, as well as the higher light frequencies of the Chakras and Energy Body.

This results in a grounded and holistic experience that helps you :

  • Release difficult emotional patterns 

  • Build Resilience

  • Heal relational wounds

  • Resolve the effects of trauma on the Mind and Body

  • Empower what you want to Create in your life

  • Tune-in to your own Energy Body 

  • Connect with Spirit Directly

  • And much more...


“The amazing session with you … integrated [my healing journey] and re-rooted me to some deep energetic source; resulting in clarity, motivation, productivity and involvement in my own life that I have not experienced in years - maybe ever with this quality or force. A liberation for which I have few words. ​ I am so grateful for you, your generosity, love for healing, your mastery/skill and artful relationship with being human and sharing being human.  ”

Lonner Holden, San Rafael, CA (Healer of 40 years)

“Sarah is a remarkable woman with unique and potent gifts. Her capacity to work with people and animals either in person or at a distance is exceptional. I highly recommend her. ”

Jon Ahlstrum, Santa Fe, NM

“I really feel it when Sarah works on me, it's totally palpable! Sarah's work is transformative and life changing. ”

Deb Anderson, Santa Fe, NM

“Fruitful is the word that keeps coming to me about our session today. Rich colors, juicy, sweet, nourishing, useful. I want to thank you again, and I’m already thinking about next time! ”

Carrie McGregor, Sacremento, CA

Following the Flow...

Energywork Sessions start with a conversation around your challenges and goals. Sarah is able to perceive your energy body, to help you attune to yourself and align with your personal truth and power.  

'I listen, feel and see what energies are wanting to move for you, what wants to release and wants to open. Each session is guided by the flow of Spirit; I assist the healing energies that are present to support you, as a messenger and conduit for your well being and highest potential.' ~Sarah

Modalities and Perspectives...

Sarah has studied and practiced many  modalities of healing and each session is based on both science and art, a blend of known techniques and spontaneous emergence. The main modalities or perspectives used in energywork sessions include Chakra Work, Emotional Clearing, Craniosacral therapy, the flow of the Five Elements, working with Spirit Guides, and engaging the Energies of Nature.

About Sarah:

Sarah Fontaine

Sarah is a Energywork Practitioner, Wildlife Tracker, and Interspecies Communicator. For over 25 years, Sarah has been practicing various healing modalities including Chakra-work, Craniosacral Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridians and Five Elements theory, Emotional Clearing, and Interpersonal Neurobiology. She has studied wildlife tracking through Shikari Tracker Mentoring with Jon Young and Josh Lane, Tom Brown Jr’s Tracker School, and Cybertracker Conservation. She is a graduate of the Kamana Naturalist Training Program, and studied Interspecies Communication with Anna Breytenbach and Wynter Worsthorne. She currently offers Earth-based energywork sessions, and lives near the Pacific Ocean in the sandhill mountains North of Santa Cruz, CA with her partner Jon.

Book a Session!

Contact Sarah to schedule a free consultation at [email protected]

Energywork sessions are 45 minutes and typically conducted by phone. I am available for in-home sessions in special cases including convalescence. The fee is $75 and a sliding scale is available upon request.