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Sarah Fontaine is a energywork practitioner, bodyworker, wildlife tracker and interspecies communicator.


Since 2002, Sarah has been practicing various healing modalities including Chakra-work, Craniosacral Therapy, Meridian Therapy, the Five Elements, Emotional Clearing, Herbalism, and Nature Connection.


Nature has always been an integral part of life, learning, and personal healing for Sarah. Introduced to wildlife tracking at Tom Brown Jr’s Tracker School in 2006, she began to focus her journey into Deep Nature Connection and Intuitive Tracking with Jon Young in 2014. She studied Interspecies Communication with Anna Breytenbach of Animal Spirit in 2015, and Wynter Worsthorne of Animal Talk Africa in 2016. Her passion for wildlife tracking, and her guiding quest-ion ‘how is healing related to animal tracking?’ led her to advanced tracking and philosophy classes at Tom Brown Jr’s Tracker School, and the Shikari Tracker mentoring path. She completed Shikari 1 with Josh Lane in 2019, Shikari 2 with Jon Young in 2020, and continues on this journey as a primary focus. She has also been evaluated as a level 3 tracker in Track and Sign through Cybertracker Conservation, and is a graduate of the Kamana Naturalist Training Program.


With the intention of further weaving energywork, wildlife tracking, and deep nature connection, Sarah currently is a student in the NIASZIIH Earth-based healing program at Wilderness Fusion. She offers energywork sessions in person and at a distance and lives in the sandhill mountains near Santa Cruz, CA with her partner Jon.

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